Guide to choosing the best air conditioner

Many people are concerned when thinking about buying a new air conditioner. It must be a device that ensures the required temperature, health for the user, a comfortable feeling when the machine is in operation, low power consumption, and a price consistent with the quality it brings.

There are many types of the best air conditioners on the market with very different prices, features, and models, but it seems that people's consumption trends are increasingly being invested. That is reflected in the market share of air conditioners sold in recent years, especially in the hot season, when air conditioners are sold out.

Guide to choosing the best air conditioner

1. Structure of the best air conditioners, air conditioners

The structure of an air conditioner, air conditioner usually includes the following parts:

Air conditioner indoor unit: Has the effect of absorbing heat in the room to carry the refrigerant outside. The indoor air conditioner has copper pipes running parallel and is covered by aluminum foil for heat dissipation.

Air conditioning outdoor unit: It is responsible for discharging heat to the environment when the refrigerant has absorbed heat at the indoor unit and moved to the outdoor unit. The structure of the outdoor unit is similar to the indoor unit.

Air conditioner block: Also known as an air conditioner compressor, it has the effect of vacuuming the indoor unit, and compressing the gas into liquid form in the outdoor unit to help the most effective heat dissipation process.

Indoor unit fan: This creates a continuous flow of air through the indoor unit for better heat absorption. If the indoor unit fan is weak or not running, the air conditioner will not cool the entire room.

Outdoor unit fan: Blows air through the outdoor unit, helping to discharge heat to the outside environment most effectively.

Throttle valve: The part that lowers the gas pressure after the gas passes through the outdoor unit to dissipate heat. Gas passing through the throttle valve will be converted into gas with low pressure and low temperature.

Gas pipe: Responsible for leading gas from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. Gas pipes are usually made of copper, resistant to high pressure and temperature, and not oxidized.

Control panel: Mounted on the refrigerator, it is the operating part and controls the entire operation of the air conditioner.

Capacitor: Helps to start the compressor's electric motor.

In addition to the above main parts, the air conditioner and air conditioner structure also have other parts such as an indoor unit temperature sensor, chassis, water trough, safety part, etc.

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2. Working principle of air conditioner

The best window air conditioners have become a basic need for us as they are key components of central heating and cooling systems in offices, homes, businesses, and buildings. Air conditioners come in many different shapes and sizes, but they work on the same principle.

The basic working principle of the best ac unit is that they draw hot air and moisture from your home, blow them out into the outside air, and ultimately make your home cooler. The cooled air is then returned to the interior space to maintain a cold temperature.

For this, sheet metal ducting is used, and the process is carried out according to scientific principles, using a specialized chemical known as a “refrigerant.”

The scientific principle mentioned above is the main operation of the best air conditioner; the rest is mechanical work. With that said, let's take a detailed look at how air conditioners help keep your home cool.

3. Where does the air conditioner get the air? Does the best air conditioner draw air from somewhere?

With the question of where the air conditioner gets the air from, many people still think that the best air conditioner gets the air from the outdoors or the air conditioner can generate air on its own. However, neither of these views is correct.

Although wall-mounted air conditioning systems always have two main parts, the outdoor unit is located outside, and the cold unit is inside the room, getting air is not necessarily the job of the hot unit.

In fact, the more appropriate question to explain how the air conditioner works is where the best air conditioner gets the air. Because, to cool the room, the air conditioner will have to suck the hot air in the room out thanks to a part called a compressor. At this time, the compressor will, together with the cold gas, suck the hot air out of the room and store it in the copper pipe connecting the two parts of hot and cold parts of the best air conditioner.

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Normally, the cold unit of each air conditioner will have an air intake system and is usually located in the upper part of the device. Here, before being sucked in, the air will have to go through the filters and then move to the compressor for cooling. The cooling process will help reduce hot air temperature and bring them out into cool air, bringing comfort and relaxation to the user.

In simpler terms, each air conditioner will act as an intermediary, helping to circulate and cool the air in the room, which will take air from the room itself for filtration dust, cool, and then return to the room.

So, on the issue of where the air conditioner gets the air from, it can be affirmed that: the air conditioner gets the air from the room itself, not from the outdoors or creates the air itself as many people think.

In this way, the amount of air in the room will be recirculated through the best air conditioner to be filtered and cooled, then blown back into the room, giving the room cooler and fresher and better air quality for more health.

Understanding where air conditioners get air from, you will understand why today, besides optimizing cooling capacity by launching products such as energy-saving inverter air conditioners, brands do not stop developing air filters with the ability to filter fine dust or absorb unpleasant odors. Because today, not only stopping at cooling the room, air conditioners also play a role in bringing fresh air, safe for health.

4. Tips for choosing the best air conditioner

Now, air conditioners have become indispensable devices for every family, from hot sunny days to cold pen days. But do you really know which criteria to choose to buy an air conditioner are important? Please refer to our 6 important criteria that cannot be ignored below:

Price of the best air conditioner

Regardless of your financial condition, the price is still the most important part because, in our opinion, a smart consumer will not want to buy an expensive product. Therefore, it is very important to consider choosing a cheap air conditioner. To be able to buy according to this criterion, we have 2 suggestions for you, which are:

Choose a reputable and cheap company; in this criterion, there will be the 2 most popular air conditioner lines: HOmeLabs air conditioner, and LG air conditioner

Choose the right air conditioner capacity, do not waste energy.

There are many people who choose to buy an air conditioner without consulting or understanding carefully, leading to the situation of buying an air conditioner with a larger capacity than the need. Although the use process is okay, it will cause significant waste from consuming electricity, and the cost of buying air conditioners is padded up, causing waste. And the advice from our experts is that you choose an air conditioner based on the area of ​​​​the room you arrange:

The energy-saving ability of air conditioners

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Not all air conditioners, all air conditioner brands consume the same amount of electricity. Depending on the production process, technology, and important criteria to be noted, each company will have a different power consumption capacity. The best air conditioner is one of the most energy-consuming devices in the family, so this criterion is one of the most important criteria for many people when choosing to buy an air conditioner. We further note you:

Should choose an inverter air conditioner to be able to save electricity from 30-40% on monthly electricity bill. The more your family uses, the less electricity it will use.

Did you know that Casper air conditioners with Inverter technology combined with Gas R410A have the ability to reduce monthly electricity consumption by 30 - 70% (You may be surprised at the electricity consumption for each Casper air conditioner).

The working ability of air conditioner: stable, durable

The quality of the air conditioner is quite important, and many of us pay attention when choosing to buy an air conditioner. Quality is a big decision for the air conditioner to work and operate stably. It helps us maintain the most suitable temperature during use, and it also saves you considerable time and money for the repair process later.

Choosing the quality of the best air conditioners involves a lot of experience and reputable air conditioner brands. Usually, people often choose expensive air conditioners, but this is not necessarily true. If you are interested, you can learn more about the structure and characteristics of each type such as hot and cold units (For example, thanks to the gold-plated radiator and self-cleaning technology, the air conditioner is quite durable. high, almost no power outages or air sensor errors)

Additional utilities should be considered.

Air conditioner, in addition to their main function, is to adjust the temperature according to the user's wishes, today it also becomes:

  • A real interior device

  • Health care for your whole family

  • Protection against bacteria

That is why in the process of choosing an air conditioner, you must also carefully consider the attached utilities for each air conditioner company. And here are some outstanding utilities that you may not know about:

  •  With heating (2-way air conditioner)

  •  Air-purifying ion generator

  •  Super quiet operation

  •  Good night sleep mode for health

  •  Pleasant wind blowing (for children, the elderly)

  •  Control by phone, with wifi

  •  Timer to turn on and off the machine Instant cooling

  •  Auto-restart when power is restored

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The warranties of the companies are just the same and are completely different. And which company has a larger warranty team, more stations also help the warranty process to be expedited faster. Thereby helping you to have an air conditioner for easier use.


Hopefully, the above information will help you make a better choice for families who need to buy the best air conditioners to use in the upcoming summer. Come to Amazon to choose a satisfactory air conditioner for your family and receive many attractive offers!

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