How to choose the best sofa for your living room?

Every day we often relax, read, eat, watch TV, chat with family and friends or even sleep on the sofa in the living room. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that choosing to buy the best sofa is one of the extremely important tasks that we need to do when decorating our beloved home.

How to choose the best sofa for your living room?

1. 4 Steps to choose the best sofa

With a variety of designs and colors, Sofa has become a popular and indispensable piece of furniture in every family's living room. However, choosing delicate and impressive sofas that are not too colorful makes many buyers extremely headache.

Step 1: Determine where to place the Sofa.

The living room is not always separate, encapsulated in a separate area. Still, sometimes they are open spaces attached to the kitchen or dining room, so before buying a sofa, you need to calculate the total area of the living room, as well as the location where they will be placed.

If you want to place it at the foot of the wall, next to the house, the corner sofa models are the perfect choice for you, helping to save space and reduce dead corners for the room. Or, if you want to place it in the middle of the room, you should choose two or three-seat sofa models with legs, making the house more impressive and unique.

Choosing the right sofa size will help balance the living room space. Before arranging, or placing you need to determine the exact area of ​​​​the space so that the Sofa does not occupy more than 30% of the area.

In particular, when choosing a sofa, you do not have to choose only one type of chair, but you can combine different chair sizes to create diversity for the room.

For small areas, combine two-seater sofas with matching armchairs and stools so that the space in the living room is not limited.

In contrast to a large area, the corner sofa or 3-seater sofa will help fill in the gaps and create a harmonious look, covering the dead corners of the room.

Most people nowadays have a habit of taking a nap or resting on the sofa, so the minimum depth you can refer to is about 90cm so that the user can comfortably lie down without discomfort. In case the sofas with sizes on the market do not meet the area you use, please choose reputable tailors and sofa manufacturers to order your own tailoring, ensuring the problem of equipment design and health.

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Step 2: Choose the color for the couch

The choice of color tones is also extremely important because the style of the room and the chair color if linked will create an elegant but equally impressive beauty for the entire space. To make the color scheme look good, you should choose a sofa that can be combined with the color of the walls, curtains, or carpet.

For example, if you want a romantic living room, then choose a sofa with warm colors or pastel colors combined with neutral wall colors. Or for a unique and different living room, the sofas with patterns, stripes, or Vintage style will meet your needs.

Especially for those who love the minimalist Nordic (Scandinavian) style, the sofas with neutral colors such as gray, white, etc., are also enough to arrange and expand the space without needing too fussy.

However, do not overdo the colors because they will confuse the room. Always remember the ratio 6 - 3 - 1 when arranging space, of which 6 parts are the main tones, 3 parts are complementary tones, and 1 part is for small details to create special effects.

Step 3: Choose the best sofas material

Sofas are made of many different materials such as felt the best fabric sofa, silk fabric, velvet fabric, imitation leather, leather, etc. Depending on the weather issues, the purpose of use as well as the style, you should choose the material. 

Today, many people choose and believe in polyester fabric because of the variety of colors and patterns they bring. This fabric has a smooth, airy surface, especially cleaning them is not too difficult or limited. You can use a vacuum cleaner or outsourced cleaning services without worrying about shrinking or fading quickly.

In addition, the Sofa is also made of other materials such as leather, and imitation leather. However, each skin type will have a different price. For leather seats, their prices are often high and of better quality, but they are picky about the user as well as the overall style. After a period of use, if the material is not guaranteed.

So when choosing the best sofa with this material, you also need to learn about a reputable supplier to be able to have a quality product and an affordable price. A small suggestion for leather believers is pressed leather; with the technology of squeezing small pieces of leather with safe industrial glue, this material will be more durable than imitation leather and of good quality close to real leather at an affordable price. If you are considering choosing leather chairs for your living room, then the pressed leather sofa is the best choice for you.

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Step 4: Consider the price of the best sofa

Because the sofa is a furniture product with a high usage time, users rarely change continuously. Therefore, before making a decision to buy, you need to calculate the cost carefully, should set a minimum price to limit your options.

At the same time, when considering the prices, you need to pay attention to some accompanying services such as:

  • Warranty repairs…

  • Installation.

  • Transport.

The cost of chairs sometimes depends on the nature of the material of the chair frame, the fabric of the chair as well as their origin. The higher the price of the chair, the higher the price, or exclusive design of the brand is sometimes also a strong point that makes the chair more expensive than the market.

2. 5 tricks when choosing to buy a new sofa

1. Always try before you buy the best sofa

Usually, sofas have a minimum depth of 60cm - just enough to allow us to sit comfortably without making the living room feel cramped. However, each sofa factory/manufacturer has its own design standards, even each sofa model has different depth parameters. Therefore, do not be afraid to sit down when choosing to buy a sofa. A suitable sofa set must create comfort when sitting or lying down. You will have to try to see if the mattress has a lot of dents and depth after sitting. If the mattress is deep and long, it shows that the elasticity of the sofa is not good.

Similarly, the height of the chair usually fluctuates in the range of 45-50cm, not fixed at a specific number. Therefore, try to sit on the chair before buying to make sure that the sofa really matches the anthropometric characteristics of your family.

Also, if you have a habit of lounging on the sofa, make sure the sofa is long enough for you to stretch out comfortably. Those who are taller than average should also consider choosing a sofa with a higher backrest to shape the spine, reduce pressure, and support the shoulders and neck.

2. Invest in frame material

Invest as much in the quality of the frame as possible if you want your living room sofa to stick with your family for many years to come. A skeleton made from solid wood is always the best choice, but it is necessary to carefully check and ask the manufacturer for a commitment and warranty on the quality of the frame to avoid mixing wood chips or metal.

About the stability of the frame, check it by shaking the sofa forward-back, left-right with both hands. Check to see if the material is connected by what? Frames that are joined by mortise or glued together are best, but nailed frames are not strong and will not last.

3. Consider mattress quality

Remember that the quality of the materials inside is just as important as the outside. For the backrest and seat of the sofa, the natural feather-stuffed cushion will bring the most comfort, but it is easy to be pushed into one place, so it needs to be spread out often while the cushion is stuffed with foam. Sea or cotton can stretch and deform with use. Experts recommend a combination of feather and sponge because feathers provide a soft, supple feel while sponge helps ensure cushioning structure. Feather-stuffed backrests and foam- or stuffed-upholstered seat cushions are considered the best choices.

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4. Check the upholstery fabric

Whether you choose a sofa in an eye-catching, neutral, or patterned color, the sofa’s fabric will have a huge impact on the room’s overall look, so choose carefully to make sure it suits your "taste". Natural materials are often easily discolored under the influence of sunlight, so choose synthetic fabric upholstery for sofas placed near the window. For busy families or with small children and pets, priority should be given to fabrics that can be easily cleaned or cleaned with a washing machine.

It is best to choose a sofa with a removable cover so that it can be removed and washed without having to pay for a service. Besides, you should check whether the upholstery fabric is flat, hard, close to the mattress, or not. Note the fabric upholstery at the contact points between the armrests, between the seats, and the back of the chair.

5. Measure the size when choosing to buy a new sofa

There is nothing worse than buying an expensive piece of furniture that doesn't fit your home. So, before you buy a sofa, measure it carefully. You will need a tape measure to make sure the sofa is the right size and fits your space.

According to experts, there are 3 parameters to pay attention to length, depth, and height. Pay attention to the depth of the sofa if your room is limited because the depth of the chair is often the same, even if you have changed from a large sofa to a small sofa.

A good trick to make sure the sofa you're about to buy fits the space is to cut newspapers in the shape of the sofa and place it on the floor in the room. With this, you can easily check if there is enough space to move around the sofa and how much space is left to arrange shelves, electric fans, or other furniture.

Finally, check the dimensions of doors, elevators, or stairs to see if you can transport the sofa through them. If the dimensions you just checked do not fit, perhaps you should opt for a low-profile sofa or sofa with detachable legs or even a sectional sofa that can be disassembled into smaller sections for easy transport.

Here is the top of the best sofa brands for you to refer to:

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A good quality luxury living room sofa set will be heavy because it has a solid frame made of solid wood and absolutely high safety material with solid stainless steel legs. The sofa set is good; the quality is that it feels smooth but does not sink when you sit in it. If you choose a velvet sofa, you should choose a type that is less or less waterproof, less dusty, does not stick to animal hair, good contact with water for easy cleaning. As for choosing a leather sofa, you should choose genuine leather (but genuine leather sofa products are always more expensive than high-quality imitation leather products) because real leather has good durability and is friendly with people, especially children.

We hope this article is helpful for you when choosing the best sofa for your family!

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